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Improving digital communications

Teaching #SocialMedia to Medical Staff

WHO: Attending Anesthesiologists

WHERE: Hospital for Special Surgery

HYPOTHESIS: Introducing anesthesiologists to social media tools will help deepen the bench of social media influencers within the anesthesiology profession. The presentation would also bolster support for digital initiatives within the Department.

PLAN: Introduce how patients use social media and how the hospital engages with the public on these channels. Demonstrate how Twitter, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn can help increase citations. To gauge the interest and familiarity level of social media channels, I surveyed our 50+ anesthesiologists and 60+ staff members. The results of the survey indicated that I needed to tailor two separate presentations: one for administrators (who had more familiarity with social media) and anesthesiologists (who had limited-to-no exposure with social networking). 

RESULTS: More than 30 staff members attended my presentation; four of which have gone on to start a Twitter account and 18 of which updated or created their LinkedIn profiles. More than 40 attendings (out of 50 on staff) came to my specialized introduction. Since then, three anesthesiologists have launched and continue to participate on Twitter -- more than one year later. This presentation encouraged the research division within Anesthesiology to formalize a study on the use of Twitter for promoting and increasing citations over the next two years. (You can follow us @HSSAnesthesiology!)