A strategic state of mind

Improving digital communications

Promoting the Regional Anesthesiology Fellowship

WHO: Department of Anesthesiology

WHERE: Hospital for Special Surgery

HYPOTHESIS: By using visual banners to highlight unique offerings and streamlining the application process, the website will increase visitors, increase the number of applicants, and provide a bigger pool of candidates for clinical electives such as the Global Health Initiative and the Bioethics Committee. 

PLAN: I worked with the Academic Director to streamline the information for a Fellowship page renovation that would lead visitors to the Fellowship application page. I created banners after conducting interviews with current and former Fellows and built up an Alumni Directory to provide applicants with information that would help steer their application.

RESULTS: Unique visits to the Fellowship application page more than doubled from previous years -- 2014 and 2015 in particular -- and more potential Fellows came in with an outline of what electives they wanted to pursue based on the Alumni profiles I had set up across the site.

Brianne Aikenstrategy, graphics