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Repurposing Content Across Multiple Platforms

  • WHO: The Brookings Essay, an interactive long-form essay
  • WHERE: The Brookings Institution
  •  HYPOTHESIS: Interspersing an interactive sidebar dispelling common myths about NSA surveillance commonly reported in the media would contribute to an increase in time spent on page and could be used in social media and media placement to drive traffic from external channels
  • PLAN: Identify myths circulating on social networks – Reddit, Twitter, 4Chan – and reported in mainstream media outlets then interview surveillance policy expert Ben Wittes for his take on these myths; work with interactive designer to come up with static vs. dynamic design; tailor each myth for Twitter and Facebook; repurpose content into ‘listicle’ for Buzzfeed partnership
  • RESULTS: Released in 2014, The Big Snoop is the Essay’s second highest piece of content in initial external traffic totals. Approximately 20% of that traffic came from ‘myths’ content promotion spin-offs


Brianne Aikenstrategy, graphics