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A Short History of Pakistan/India Relations

  • WHO: The Brookings Essay
  • WHERE: The Brookings Institution
  • HYPOTHESIS: Explaining a small aspect of a very complex topic on the current state of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India relations in regards to nuclear proliferation – what led India and Pakistan to their current animosity – would help encourage the public to read more about the entire piece on the 2013 situation
  • PLAN: Work with Strobe Talbott, President of Brookings and former Assistant Secretary of State during the 1993 India/Pakistan crisis, to create 90 second primer video using voice-over, graphics, and maps.
  • RESULTS: The video itself was embedded in a New York Times piece discussing the overall crisis; within one week, it had over 100,000 views and 20+ comments
Brianne Aikenvideo, graphics, strategy