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Solving the Content Saturation Problem

WHO: ClinicalAdvisor.com

WHERE: Haymarket Media

HYPOTHESIS: Before I arrived at ClinicalAdvisor.com, the sales team initiated a large contract (based on page views, impressions, and clicks) for psoriasis-themed content. Each month, a newsletter was sent containing psoriasis-specific news, but it was the lowest performing newsletter to-date - advertisers weren't happy, and more importantly, the audience wasn't happy. 

Along with the senior digital content editor, I introduced new content. I found three medical contributors who would submit case studies -- with photos -- about various dermatological diseases they had worked on and how psoriasis was a part if the diagnosis. Using visuals and a new content form - case studies instead of news briefs - would attract more views. Being able to position email outreach as a case study would increase open rates.

RESULTS: The ClinicalAdvisor.com launched, "Is it Psoriasis?" - a monthly in-depth case study. Email rates increased from .8% to 3.1% and page views to psoriasis-based content increased more than 25,000 page views each month. Most importantly, unsubscribe rates from the psoriasis newsletter dropped drastically.

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